Premier G7 Server
an IoT platform for wireless data exchange between sensors and users

  • Cloud Server design
  • Up to 99999 base stations & 999 client users
  • Multiple users to Multiple stations
  • Users, Stations, Alarm Emails & SMS Grouping for hosting service
  • Alarm via Client app, Email and SMS
  • Data Display in graphics by Client app
  • UTC time zone control for worldwide management
  • Support Temperature, Humidity, Analog Sensor and Digital Alarm
  • Support all wireless sensors G7-T2 / H2 / H3 / AD / D2

Premier G7 Client
Windows 10, iPad, iPhone & Android Phone

  • G7 Client [Server Mode] free bundled with G7 Server Client package
  • Access of both live and historic data from Server
  • Support simultaneous 999 client users retrieve data from G7 Server
  • Each client user displays 20 base stations data simultaneously
  • Meter, HMI, Dashboard, Chart, Report – display modes
  • Alarm Display with audio buzzer, and instant digital alarm
  • Remote configuration of alarm setting in Server
  • Data Export for local data analysis
Premier G7 Client [Server Mode] provides 5 display modes Brochure Download