G7 Wireless Sensor System is an IoT solution consisted of four parts – front end, gateway, back end, client.

(1) Front End – G7 wireless sensors

  • collect measurement data from sensors e.g. temperature or pressure sensor
  • analog (4~20mA, 0-5VDC), digital (on/off dry contact), temperature & humidity
  • wireless transmit to gateway in interval automatically
  • send alarm to gateway when measurement is beyond normal range
  • up to 1200 meter wireless range
wireless sensors

(2) Gateway – G7 base station

  • receive wireless data from G7 wireless sensors
  • up to 64 sensors each gateway
  • upload data to central computer via Ethernet
  • forward sensor alarm to central instantly
  • support TCP Modbus for third party management system integration
base station

(3) Back End – G7 cloud server

  • collect data from base stations over Internet, and save into database
  • up to 99999 base stations simultaneously
  • support hosting in cloud service or data centre
  • allow up to 100 remote client users simultaneous access
  • send alarm to client users by SMS and email
  • integrated web server page for Internet browsing
  • support MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle database
g7 cloud server

(4) Client – G7 client app

  • free client app for Win10, iOS and Android are available
  • graphics view designed for both desktop and touchscreen operation
  • display modes – meter, dashboard, line chart, report and HMI
  • sensor alarm notification with client app
  • integration with other management or SCADA systems
client app for win10, iOS, Android