Application of different sensor types

G7-T2/H2   Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

  • Food chain, pharmacy storage and manufacturing, green house, oil gas industry
  • Bundled with temperature and humidity sensors
  • Alert user when temperature or humidity is higher / lower than preset
  • IP65 waterproof case
  • Programmable upload interval: 5 s ~ 3 hours
  • Cloud Server supports both SMS and email alarm

G7-AD Wireless Analog Sensor

  • Factory automation, weather station, agricultural, environmental monitoring
  • Online data monitoring of sensor measurement on Win10, iOS and Android
  • Alert user when measurement is higher or lower than preset
  • Support TCP Modbus for third party management system
  • G7 Cloud Server provides an IoT platform for wireless data exchange
  • Intelligent software calibration of analog signal

G7-D2   Wireless Alarm Input

  • Oil/Gas tank level alarm, river level, cold storage door open alarm
  • Manufacturing process on/off switch alarm
  • 2 channels alarm input per unit
  • Alert user instantly when on/off dry contact is triggered
  • IP65 waterproof case
  • Real time alarm status monitoring software
  • Cloud Server supports both SMS and email alarm

Schematics of Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor

application of wireless temperature humidity sensors


Schematics of Wireless Analog Sensor

application of wireless analog sensor


Schematics of Wireless Digital Alarm

application of wireless alarm